Meet Radha

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Meet Radha

Indrani Datta Dance

Love. Separation. Triumph.

Mythological stories from India celebrate Radha and Krishna’s love and consider them to be the ultimate couple in divine love. Krishna was beloved by all yet it was Radha who captured his heart.

Transport yourselves to a world where peacocks dance in the monsoon signalling the blooming of desire and all of nature beats in harmony with the ardent heart.

“Meet Radha” is a sharp rediscovery of the colours and depth of Radha’s love for her Krishna through the dynamic and improvisational form of North Indian Classical Kathak Dance.

New choreography and English love poetry based and inspired by ancient Sanskrit texts is presented alongside classical Indian instrumental and vocal music.

Indrani Datta is a London born dancer, choreographer, teacher, writer and vocalist. Her Bloomsbury-based school focuses on movement language, vocalisation and expression. Experience her unique expressive form of Kathak dance depicting the stages of mood and emotion when love is at its most intense.

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