Glyndebourne: The Magic Flute

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Glyndebourne: The Magic Flute

West Norwood Picturehouse

Enchantment meets the politics of the Enlightenment in Mozart’s fairy-tale opera, Die Zauberflöte. Prince Tamino is on a quest to rescue Princess Pamina, daughter of the Queen of the Night, who has been kidnapped by her father, the evil Sarastro. With the help of the foolish bird-catcher Papageno, Tamino must brave not only dragons and the forces of darkness, but trials of fire and water in order to arrive at the truth and win Pamina as his bride.

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Composed just months before Mozart’s death, Die Zauberflöte is a heady blend of knock-about comedy and fantasy, its beautiful melodies woven into an allegory of wicked queens, noble princes, ancient Egyptian mythology and the lore of the Freemasons.

In this new production by Barbe & Doucet, Antonello Manacorda conducts the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment and a cast that includes Sofia Fomina, Björn Bürger and Caroline Wettergreen.

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